Bridal Package

BBridal Packageridal Package is our specialty! Our bridal package includes a wedding consultation, trial makeup and updo, facial, eyebrow shaping, salt glo body polish with massage, french manicure, classic spa pedicure, updo, makeup and headpiece dressing.

Custom bridal party packages are available to suit your needs. Call for consultation. In addition to  the bride, we can take care of the beauty needs of your bridal party. Contact us for details.

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Bridal Package

One Week Before:
Wedding Consultation, Trial Makeup & Updo

Day Before:
Facial, Eyebrow Shaping, Saltglo Body Polish with Massage, French Manicure & Classic Spa Pedicure

Day of Wedding:
Updo, Makeup and Headpiece Dressing


Bridal Party Packages

Custom designed to suit your needs. Call for Consultation

Amazing Place!!! Great people and wonderful staff! – Allie M.